Friday, February 26

Newsweek photo GW standing with hands clasped in prayer

With a little bit of photo cropping, a bit better photo below...

And you may even notice that GW has his hands clasped in prayer.

What is not noticeable is that the three pens with which the 80-some Conservative leaders were soon to sign the Mount Vernon Statement were inside the clasped hands in prayer, 
each man and woman who signed and the group each represented received a silent prayer from GW.

In relation to the slightly sarcastic headline, 
George Washington Turns Over In His Grave
it may be wise for folks to see the words engraved in stone over where
Washington rests each night at Mount Vernon...
"...though he were dead, yet shall he live;
and whosoever liveth and
and believeth in me, shall never die.
- the words of Jesus Christ from St. John 11:25, 26 (X1.25.26)

Friday, February 19

Mount Vernon Statement photo collage

The spirit of George Washington has guided the American government since the 1750's, and since 1997 a "movement conservative", has served as The Spirit of George Washington, sharing with modern Americans the wise words and ways of Washington.

This photo collage shows a few of many, many Conservative activities by Conservative activist J. R. "States" Manship since the early 1980s. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18

Wonkette of DC photographer took shot set up by "GW" with Lew Uhler - Officially FREAKED OUT a Lib!

This post has enraged the looney leftists, causing over 76 comments, 
53 posted (even when a bit weird or non-sensical), and over 23 rejected due to profanity.  
May wise Americans see these Looney Libs profanity speaks to the deficiency of their thought processes?
If deficient in thought here, why do we voters "give them a chance in the White House"?  (eh, Rahm?)

Glenn Beck says it RIGHT, Arguing with... Liberals, or is the new word "Progressives"?

"...worst George Washington I have ever seen."

"...some kind of George Washington expert?"

"Why, this very Christmas Day, I saw a George Washington in person, on the beltway..."

"Alex on the Beltway, 
I happen to know that the guy at Christmas you saw on the Beltway and the one today are the same George Washington!"

Alex_P says:
"...but google "James Manship" and I think you'll see... really might've been the same guy as the impersonator.

I am now officially FREAKED OUT."

A week and more later...

Mount Vernon Statement vs. Huston Mount Vernon Revision vs. Mount Vernon Statement of Statesmanship

A previous photo collage of GW sightings...

Side by Side by Side comparison of Mount Vernon Statements...

Rule of Law vs. RuleS of Law, God's Law vs. Lawyers' Law, No Jury=No Justice

Freedom prospers when religion
is vibrant and the
rule of law under God
is acknowledged.

~ Ronald Reagan

This Constitution Ideals Conserved by Conservative Leaders- Washington Post photo & article

Marshall, Meese & Me...Washington Biographer John Marshall, Attorney General Ed Meese & Washington Biographer and Reenactor James Renwick Manship, Sr. (sporting his Jefferson Memorial necktie) at William and Mary Marshall-Wythe School of Law meeting of The Federalist Society on 19 April a.d. 2006

The Spirit of George Washington (also known as James Renwick Manship, Sr. of Box 76, Mount Vernon, Virginia) observes with joy the first man to sign the Mount Vernon Statement, President Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese, with Heritage President Ed Feulner, next in line waiting to sign the Mount Vernon Statement.

Later, "George Washington" wrote a "revision" or rather an extension called the "Mount Vernon Statement of Statesmanship".